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Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome to the historic Braddock Point Lighthouse!

Welcome to the historic Braddock Point Lighthouse on Lake Ontario in New York, established by the United States Lighthouse Establishment (USLHE) in 1896. This majestic jewel has been restored to its original Victorian grace and splendor. It opened in May 2012 for a third season as a luxury bed and breakfast inn. Your hosts, Nandy and Donald Town, know a few things about what it takes to pamper their guests at the inn. They are the owners/innkeepers of the world renowned Town Manor Bed and Breakfast in Central Florida.

Built in 1896, Braddock Point lighthouse is actually west of Braddock Point in an area known as Bogus Point. It was known as Bogus Point because it was a drop off point for counterfeit smugglers coming across Lake Ontario from Canada. When originally built, the 3 1/2-order Fresnel lens provided the brightest light on the entire lake with a range of over 14 miles. The original staircase was acquired from the Cleveland Lighthouse when it was demolished in the late 19th Century. The keeper's quarters is in the style of the late Victorian era and is considered quite ornate for a government building.

The howling winds and powerful winter storms took its toll and cracks began to appear in the magnificent tower after only a few years in service. Eventually, most of the tower was removed and replaced with a steel skeleton tower that was used until the early 1950s. In the following years, the property was closed and neglected and was used by hunters as a duck blind. All the windows were broken and it endured significant water damage and was considered a haunted house by the local children.

Fortunately, the US government sold the property to private hands and over more than 50 years the process of restoration took place. Today, the keeper's quarters have been completed restored back to the original government blueprints. The tower, while not completely original, has been rebuilt as a tribute to the original grand tower with the original staircase intact.

The light to Braddock Point was turned back on 20 years ago and is now one of the very few privately owned, fully functioning lighthouses in the United States. The owners, Don and Nandy Town, have added many enhancements while remaining true to the original vision of this historical treasure.

As experienced bed and breakfast owners, they have brought their expertise to Braddock Point. In the summer as well as select times throughout the year, Braddock Point is open seasonally and on a very limited basis to guests to come and visit and stay overnight. For more information on reserving your stay, contact the innkeepers at (863) 984-4008 and/or visit


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