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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stay Overnight at an Offshore Maine Lighthouse!

Goose Rocks Lighthouse, in the Fox Islands Thorofare in Maine, is the only offshore "sparkplug" type lighthouse in the U.S. that is available for overnight stays. The lighthouse is owned and managed by Beacon Preservation. Click here to learn all about this exciting opportunity, and to check availability.

I just heard from Ginger Allison, a volunteer at the Maine Lighthouse Museum who has spent a night at Goose Rocks. Here's what she wrote:

I loved my stay. It was great sitting on the catwalk sipping wine and watching wildlife and passing ships. Casey Jordan and family/friends have done an awesome job decorating. Everything is comfortable. I even slept ten hours in a warm, toasty bed. I volunteer at the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland and Casey has a wonderful display there. I make sure all the people I take around stop and check it out and also tell them what a great place it is to stay. I hope they are wonderfully successful. -- Ginger Allison

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